Course Description
The Digital Editing of Dental Records Course is designed for dentists who are already having their own dental practices or senior students who are about to graduate and start their dental careers.
It helps them create a distinctive portfolio by improving the quality of their dental records and developing their skills in managing and organizing them.
And because dental marketing has moved almost 100% to digital, this course provides them with the tools, experience and knowledge to stand out in such a competitive market.
The course was derived from the personal practice experience, as well as from interactions with hundreds of Dentists and dental students, both in Egypt and abroad.
This dentistry-based course is backed by exhaustive learning from international graphic design professionals and is made applicable to dental practitioners.
Participants will have an opportunity to learn how to bring out the best in their images by choosing and using the right techniques of retouching, compositing and adjustments.
Adobe Photoshop is the tool that will help them achieve this. It is the premiere image manipulation tool for print design, web design, and photography.

Who is this course for
This course is targeting all dental practitioners with any or no prior experience in photo editing.
Delivery Methods
Classroom interaction (Learn & Apply) - theoretical and practical.

Course prerequisites
no previous experience of graphics editing is required.

Course requirements
Participation in this course requires each participant to have access to the following:
A laptop & its accessories (Mouse + Charger)
Adobe Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud)
Adobe Bridge (A free software from Adobe)
Software must be installed and fully operational before the course begins

Classwork + Homework + Final test
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