With a touch of Surrealism, The "Golden Globes of Africa" was our interpretation for the branding plan of PanEndo (From Africa to the World) Endodontic conference.
Project: PanEndo 2019, Cairo - Egypt.
TheKconcept was the first to introduce the new “concept” that was never applied in a conference before..
"the Postcard Name Tag"
that is both a conference’s name tag, and a postcard with the title of “Kings of Egypt”
This tag design complies with the “PanEndo Globes” theme
and it has a small “info” section that holds the name of the King/Queen and the period they ruled.
At PanEndo there were 8 versions of the tag (for participants)
A certain number of each version was printed, distributed randomly to make each participant holding a different version of the tag than his colleagues.
PanEndo Name Tags Design (Egyptian Kings Concept)
PanEndo Name Tags Design (Egyptian Kings Concept)
Social media posts followed the "Golden Globes of Africa" theme professionally while artistically integrated in eash design in a memorable eye-catching way. 
Printing materials was designed to the theme, in an easy-to-handle user-friendly measures (Colors, Text size, Alignment.. etc.)
Six color-coded versions of certificates were designed to cover all the categories